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Two Truths & One Lie: A Libraries Competition to Decipher Authoritative Information

Drexel University Libraries’ Presents
Two Truths and One Lie:
A Libraries Competition to Decipher Authoritative Information
Part of Drexel's 2018 Week of Undergraduate Excellence

Are you curious? Do you love information challenges? Then grab your friends and join us for the Libraries’ interactive Two Truths and One Lie: A Libraries Competition to Decipher Authoritative Information!

Come out to the Dragons’ Learning Den for the Drexel Libraries’ first information literacy competition. The first-, second- and third-place teams will win gift certificates to the Drexel Bookstore or a local coffee shop, and all competitors will earn a Drexel Dragon Info Badge! Plus, we’ll have pizza and snacks for all participating teams and members of the audience.

Don’t want to compete but want to support your peers? All members of the Drexel community are encouraged to attend and cheer on the competing teams. Anyone in the audience can also offer clues to help uncover the truth!

All competing teams and audience participants should register to attend by filling out the registration form below.

For more information about the Week of Undergraduate Excellence, visit http://drexel.edu/pennoni/news-events/week-undergraduate-excellence/

Can’t wait to see you there!

Game Play:

  • The game will consist of several short rounds. Each round will cover a different topic: engineering, arts/entertainment; politics/history; public health/medicine.
  • During each round, teams will receive three statements – two true statements and one false statement. To win, teams must identify evidence to support which statements are true or false using authoritative information sources.
  • Each team must provide at least one authoritative source that supports their responses in each round.
  • A panel of experts will judge each team’s information literacy skills. Points will be awarded for correctly uncovering the truth vs lies, with more points given for the quality of sources used to support each claim.  


  • Teams are limited to 1 to 4 people and all team members must be currently enrolled Drexel students.
  • Each team must come prepared to do some information research!  Each participant may bring laptops, mobile devices or any other resources to help find authoritative sources that support your responses. Forget to bring one? Come early and borrow a laptop from the Libraries’ laptop lending kiosk.
  • Teams may use any electronic resources and print materials accessible in the Libraries’ Dragons’ Learning Den. Each team will receive one (1) “librarian lifeline” to aid them with getting started.
  • Teams may not communicate with anyone outside the Dragons’ Learning Den during the competition.  
  • Audience participants may offer clues to help uncover the truth for all teams to see.
Wednesday, May 16, 2018
5:00pm - 6:30pm
W. W. Hagerty Library, Bookmark Cafe
University City Campus
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Event Organizer

Stacy Stanislaw